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Network appliances are an integral part of the network. We start by evaluating your network and determine our recommendations after a thorough analysis has been made. We will install, configure and test all network devices to ensure all services are working smoothly, and most importantly secure.

Network Assessment Services
If you think your company's network is in need for an in depth analysis due to company initiatives which may involve centralizing, consolidating, or even virtualizing your network services, we will plan and provide recommendations for you on expanding your environment.

Network Architecture and Design
We offer detailed network design options for your office, campus, or data center for either local or wide area networks. We follow and reference specific architectures that allow redundancy and quality of service. 

Network Optimization Services
Our technicians will constantly monitor your network environment, and allow your applications to reach certain service level agreements (SLAs) by evaluating and detecting problems with your network. 

Maunakea's IT services focus on a limited but comprehensive set of network support elements. To protect your network connections, our IT support technicians help keep your routers, switches and firewalls up and running. We also provide support for both back-end servers and front-end workstations to give you peace of mind and let you focus on running your business.

Soundboard Repair

Our engineers are equipped to customize servers that suit your organization. Whether it be a domain server, file/print server, or database server, there is NO TASK WE CANNOT HANDLE! Your server’s performance and the way it interacts with your critical infrastructure is essential to the productivity of your business. 

Backup Solutions
Our backup server management solutions are designed to help you manage your critical information to eliminate the risk of lost data. 

Proactive Services
With our remote management options, we are able to predict the performance degradation or disk capacity issues which allow your administrators to take action.

Service level Agreements
Our company offers service level agreements (SLA) to give you peace of mind when it comes to our services. 

We fully support virtualized server environments, which include VMWare or Hyper-V, which help you take away the complexity of managing such systems.

Server Installation

Similar to building a server or multiple servers, we are skilled to build and customize your workstation as well. We help you track your workstation inventory including desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Our company will help you in creating and implementing a plan to organize your workstations to keep them updated and secure.

Remote Support Services
Our technicians are ready at a moments notice to provide remote assistance when needed through our in house client software. Our services allow you to have as little downtime as possible. 

​Preventative Software Management
We offer Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware / Anti-Spyware services to protect your end users from malicious threats on your systems. Using remote methods, we can constantly update and patch systems to keep your environment up to date. 

PC Inventory Management
We help you track your workstation inventory including desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Managing a large amount of PCs can be quite a task. We are there to help you account for all devices in your company's environment.

PC Repairs and Hardware Support
In most cases, computer problems turn out to be software related issues, especially malicious software. Nevertheless, hardware failures occur as well and when they do, even the most seasoned technician can be baffled at times. That is where we can be an asset to you. We have worked with various hardware manufacturers makes and models so there is no hardware we can't fix.  

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